Mascarpone Ice Cream

  • Milk – 900gms
  • Sugar – 100gms
  • SOSA Dextrose – 50gms
  • SOSA ProCrema Cold 100 – 100gms
  • Whipped Cream – 100gms
  • SOSA Glycerine – 30gms
  • SOSA Mascarpone Powder – 150gms


  1. Mix all ingredients with a blender
  2. Allow to cool for 3 hours
  3. Blend again and put into an ice cream machine.

About chocolateshells

Make Bespoke Cakes & Chocolates. Chef Consultant for Home Chocolate Factory UK SOSA importer. Pastry Chef for the last 17years, previous job 8 1/2years as Pastry Chef & Senior Sous at Midsummer House Cambridge. Now Proud Mummy of Ray & Molly. Always Happy to Help!
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