Popping candy

SOSA sell two types of Popping Candy:-

  • Natural Peta Crispies
  • Chocolate Coated Peta Crispies 
If you want to use the Natural popping candy at home it can be purchased from Waitrose in the Home Gourmet Factory Range :- 

See SOSA Suppliers for larger Quantity’s

What is popping Candy?

  • Popping candy is made of carbonated gas (the same gas as in soda and sparkling waters) imprisoned in candy before cooling so that the bubbles are still there inside.
  • Like candy and caramel, The Popping candy melts when it comes in contact with water or your saliva (but not with oil or fat).
  • The bubbles are freed from the candy and burst on your tongue and in your mouth.
  • Popping candy is very sensitive to humidity (it loses its gas and goes flat) with Moisture in the Atmosphere over a period of time, So keep the lid on and in a cool dry place when not using).
  • You can prolong the candy popping by coating in a fat or oil eg. Chocolate or a praline paste or melted butter this will give it a protective briar to the candy and only activate when the Chocolate is melted (eaten).
  •  Ingredients : sugar, glucose syrup, lactose, carbon dioxide cocoa fat.

 Here are a few recipes & Ideas using popping candy  for both at Home & a Professional Kitchen:- 

  • Last Minute Both Natural & Chocolate coated Popping candy can be added to any dish Last Minute before serving bringing fun and a molecular gastronomy touch to your cuisine. (Why not try sprinkling on Crème brûlée, Ice-cream, Cheese cake, Mousse or even a savoury dish to recreate that childhood memory).
  • Popping Pistachio & Raspberry Pro-gianduja  Follow link for recipe & Video
  • Exploding Praline & Chocolate Truffles Follow link for recipe
  • Sweet Dynamite Follow link for recipe

* Result is a nutella like spread that can be spread. Use to layer on sponge, or combined with Pailleté feuilletine as a base to a dessert. Your Pailleté feuilletine and popping candy will remain crisp as there is no water present in the recipe. It can also be frozen as a parfait base & cuts well.

The photo was one of the tasting pots at a recent SOSA demonstration.
Mango Panna Cotta topped with Hot Chocolate Foam and finished with wet proof Passion-fruit crispy & SOSA Chocolate coated popping candy.
Unfortunately natural popping candy will start to pop as soon as it comes into contact with the Foam as it is both hot & wet.
You could coat the Popping candy yourself with chocolate to create a protective barrier See bottom of the page.
A Video of this will be added ASAP!
  • Hestons Exploding Chocolate Gateau
Why not use SOSA Popping candy to create Hestons Exploding Chocolate gateau. This is using butter to coat the candy Please note if the butter is too hot the candy will start to pop!
SOSA Chocolate Coated Popping candy is also available making it even easier to use.


Put some drama into your dinner party with Heston Blumenthal’s cracking chocolate dessert from How to Cook Like Heston. Browse more chocolate recipes on 4Food from Channel 4.
  • Hestons Exploding Donuts 
In case you missed tonight episode, Check out Heston’s Exploding potato donuts recipe and give them ago using SOSA Peta crispies / Popping candy. See the Link for the Full article.For the potato sugar:-

  • 150g white caster sugar
  • 70g reserved potato flesh
  • Green food colouring (optional)
  • 75g neutral popping candy


Heston Blumenthal’s unusual recipe makes beautifully light donuts with a crackly popping coating. Browse more potato recipes on 4Food from Channel 4.

 To Coat Natural Popping Candy in Chocolate yourself

As natural popping candy is sensitive to moisture it is advised on the tub from Waitrose in the Home Gourmet Factory Range “ coat in chocolate before using” It is a matter of understanding this term.
  • Coating your Popping candy in Melted Chocolate, Melted butter, Praline paste or oil based product (Chocolate spread) will give a protective barrier making your Popping candy last longer with out popping on contact with your other ingredients. 
  • Please remember that heat will also activate the popping candy so your chosen coating must be cool not hot.
  • If your chosen recipe requires your Popping candy to be mixed in with Melted Chocolate, Melted butter,  Praline paste or other oil based products (Chocolate spread) then your Popping candy will be coated automatically with a protective barrier & will NOT require Pre-coating.
  • All the above recipes  have been chosen so you don’t need to pre-coat your popping candy.
  • If you want to add to any pre-made dish but don’t want the hassle of coating with chocolate why not put the popping candy on last minute when your sitting at the table  or on your plate but not touching anything wet, this should give you enough time to enjoy the popping effect.
  • SOSA Chocolate Coated Popping candy is also available in 900g tubs. See Suppliers.

To Coat in Chocolate:-  

1) Either use melted Baking chocolate & Butter or Temper a good quality chocolate/couverture. Note if your using tempered Chocolate you will not need to add the melted butter.

  • 200g dark baking chocolate bar (or milk chocolate or white chocolate)
  • 20g soft butter (optional)
  • popping candy optional amount (20g-50g)

2) To Melt the Chocolate:- Either use a Microwave or Bain-Marie (bowl over water). See below for your chosen melting method.

  • Bain-Marie Place the chocolate in a clean dry bowl over a pan of warm water, don’t allow the bowl to touch the water or the water to boil and most in-portent don’t allow the water to come into contact with the chocolate ar it will seas. Stir until melted then blend the butter in (optional).
  •  Microwave for 30 second bursts stirring in-between then Blend the butter in (optional).
3) Once melted or Tempered. Either Spread your Chocolate using a palate knife or drizzle using a piping bag or spoon on to a non stick surface :-
Acetate, Silicone paper, Greaseproof paper or Silpat mat. Acetate with printed designs are available and make attractive decoration to desserts & cakes or hand made chocolates.
4) Sprinkle with the Popping candy.
5) Coat with a second layer of chocolate again either Spread using a palate knife of drizzle using a piping bag or spoon.
6) Leave to set in the fridge or a cool dry area if tempered.
7) The Chocolate can now be broken in to large pieces and use to decorate your dish, Gateaux or dessert. It can also now broken into small Pieces and incorporated into a recipe (examples:- Home made ice-cream or mousse ganache)
The popping candy coated with chocolate will retard the suspense of the crackling effect. 

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