Whisked Mandarin Jelly – SOSA Instangel

Ingredients : –

  • 400g Mandarin Juice
  • 40g Lemon Juice
  • 4 drops SOSA Mandarin essential oil
  • 60g Stock syrup 50/50
  • 35g SOSA Instantgel

Method : –

  1. Mix ingredients in blender.
  2. Leave to gel in the fridge.
  3. After the mixture has gelled, Whisk on Kitchen aid for about 20 minutes until very fluffy and airy. Alternatively place the Set jelly in a Foam Machine/cream whipper and gas with NO2. Shake well & foam into moulds.
  4. If  there are problems at the start to the gelatin braking down, heat the outside of the mixer bowl lightly with a blowtorch.
  5. Leave to set in moulds as required.
This Technique was shown by Aktar Islam producing a Raspberry Whisked Jelly on the Great British Menu   Central Dessert. 
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About chocolateshells

Make Bespoke Cakes & Chocolates. Chef Consultant for Home Chocolate Factory UK SOSA importer. Pastry Chef for the last 17years, previous job 8 1/2years as Pastry Chef & Senior Sous at Midsummer House Cambridge. Now Proud Mummy of Ray & Molly. Always Happy to Help!
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